Deep Purple concert is free of charge for everybody.
Due to intensive demand for the concert registration obligation has been removed. All tent areas are fully reserved.

Concert DATE

24 May 2014

Concert TIME


Concert PLACE

Park Near East

şebnem ferah

31 May Free For NEU Students


21 May Free


22 May Free

yüksek sadakat

23 May Free

Concert AREA


Visitors can stay at the camping site in Park Near East provided that they make their online registration in advance. It is recommended for participants who wish to stay at hotels to book their places in advance as the time of Deep Purple Concert falls into tourism session.

Transportation To TRNC

Transportation to island is usually conducted via flights. Today, there are 5-6 airline companies flying from Turkey to North Cyprus. Direct flights from Turkey are available from ten major cities. Connecting flights from other countries offer a much wider range of flights. Flight prices vary according to session, booking term, whether passenger is student or not, and so on. However, as is known, many airline companies offer promotions and make flights easier and cheaper. It is possible to use maritime transportation through some cities (Mersin, Taşucu, Antalya) of Turkey. The airline companies flying to North Cyprus are PEGASUS, TURKISH AIRLINES, ONUR AIR, ATLAS JET, AND ANADOLU JET.

Transportation to Park Near East from airport

Taxi fares are reasonable from airport to Park Near East, however, get information about fares before using taxi services. For mass transportation, you can use services of KIBHAS at the airport.

Participants from abroad can buy the flight tickets from website of


“NEU removed the obligation to register for the big concert due to intense interest”

Within the scope of NEU's 25th anniversary events, the legendary rock Band Deep Purple takes the stage for the first in TRNC on Saturday night, May 24, 2014.

The Near East University will realize a first in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with the Deep Purple concert which can be watched free by many music lovers coming across the world for the concert. According to the explanation delivered by Tamer Garip, the Head of Communication, the booking requirement for the concert has been removed from the website due to the overwhelming demand for the concert. Therefore, the music lovers can enter the concert free and without registering. On the island of Cyprus where such a big event being realized for the first time, the Near East University, which will host the world's legendary Band Deep Purple, will print its name on a historic day with the concert to be held on Saturday, May 24, 2014. Aiming to bring people of all ages and nations together at the Park Near East to cheer and entertain through a musical feast, the Near East University is removing all the barriers and boundaries using the unifying power of music. To this end, by removing the obligation to register through internet, and providing free entry for people, we will prevent the disruption that might be caused by stampede at the entrances and facilitate the participation in the concert.


The entrance doors of the festival will be open to the guests on 21st May 2014 and will be open until 25th May 2014. However, the camp area will not be available for those who have bought tickets for only a daily visit to attend the festival. Guests who arrive for camping will be greeted at the camping area.


Guests who arrive to the entrance door of the camping area will initially go through a ticket and security control. Then, guests will be able to proceed to the camping area after their special wristbands have been provided. Please bear in mind that the camp authority is not responsible for the security of personal belongings of campers. Additionally, safe deposit boxes are NOT available for precious belongings; therefore it is advised not to bring precious belongings as the organisation authority will NOT take responsibility for lost property. You are also advised to detect the position of your tent so that it is easier for you to find it once you return to it. Those who arrive to the camping area with their own transport are expected to park as directed by the authorised personnel.


  • Information centres will be available 24 hrs.
  • A first-aid tent and an ambulance will be available
  • Standard toilets and toilets for disabled.
  • Units of electrical charge
  • Waste disposal dump stations
  • Food & Beverages stands
  • Authorised personnel to provide help and guidance to put up your tent.


  • Festival ticket
  • An identification card with a photo (id, driving licence, passport, etc)
  • Tent & sleeping bag
  • Blanket
  • A pair of comfortable shoes and an additional pair.
  • Clothing suitable for all sorts of weather conditions
  • Personal hygiene and cleaning products
  • If you are on any kind of medication; please bring the dose needed for 3 days with their relevant prescriptions
  • Sun block cream
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • A small torch
  • Note: You are advised not to take your special wristbands off until the end of the festival!


  • Open or packaged food items
  • Any liquid item that contains alcohol (alcohol drinks, cologne, perfume, etc)
  • As restated below (in item 55), tranquilizers, and drugs alike are prohibited unless it is as part of your treatment and the relevant red prescription can be declared at the camping area entrance door.
  • Any illegal items and drugs
  • Camp cookers and gas tube, and all other flammable and/or explosive items,
  • Guns (even if licensed)
  • Jackknife, knife and any other piercing-cutting items
  • Glass bottles and glass items
  • Havai fişek, maytap vb… sprey deodorantlar
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, etc spray deodorants
  • Laser pens, key rings, etc.
  • Walkie-talkies, music set, etc.
  • All types of sound recording devices
  • All types of professional video recorders and relevant lighting
  • All types of pets (excluding guiding dogs)


Throughout the festival a first-aid tent and an ambulance will be available to provide health services If obliged to bring medication (all types of drugs and antidepressants), you must declare these (within their original packaging and only enough dose for a 3 day accommodation) with your relevant prescription, green or red prescriptions, at the entrance door If you are ready, both spiritually and physically, to encounter the adventure of your life, then NEU FEST is the place for you! You have the opportunity to start your day with yoga, pilates and thaiche and begin a new festival which is full of adrenalin.

NEU and Deep Purple

Speech Of Assist. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel On Deep Purple Concert

Precious members of press, dear members of Near East Family, Wellcome to press meeting of 25th Anniversary Activities of Near East University.

The slogan of our Founding Rector Suat Günsel was “Living continental on an island” at the very first time of establishment of Near East University. Today, this target has long been reached and the Near East University has gained an international and multidimensional identity, and values of our country and our people now are taken to continents. As a self property of Turkish Cypriot People and becoming fully aware of this very ultimate responsibility, the Near East University opened its doors to students coming from over 100 countries throughout the world, created a unique mosaic of cultures, hosted some of the largest scientific organizations of the world with participation of thousands of scientists and academicians, and furthermore, contributed to and cooperated in the largest scientific experiments and projects of the world, and adopted the responsibility of pronouncing the achievements of Turkish Cypriot People to rest of the world.

As the Near East University, we have become the representative and pioneer of firsts and innovations since our foundation date up to this very day. We have the proud of taking pioneering steps in both education and art, as well as sports and cultural events.

On the basis of this ultimate understanding, lies beneath the universal vision and solid feeling of responsibility. Near East University is such an institution that do not aim just to follow the developments in the world, but to get ahead of them. Near East is a center of science and research aiming to make the ultimate difference with its distinguished students and experienced teaching staff by adopting the universal values. Near East University, having a multicultural and international identity with its distinguished students and experienced staff, aims to educate individuals who have ultimate self-confidence, esteem self-responsibility beyond everything; who are rational, creative, and free-thinking, in order to integrate cultural, scientific, and artistic textures with the rest of the world. This is based on a solid ideal and a multidimensional vision.

The vision of the Near East University was not only based on establishing an international university, but to design a life style, as well. Having the philosophy of life-long education, in order to provide the Turkish Cypriot People with solid support in educational terms and decrease dependency to overseas countries in many areas such as education, culture, health, and sports, our university established hospitals, labs, workshops, computer centres, library, dormitories, Olympic swimming pool, social and sports centres, Near East Pre-School, NearEast Elementary School and the Near East College. So, Near East turned into the largest education and culture centre of not only Cyprus, but also the nearby geography with its thousands of employees and tens of thousands of students.

Near East is a culture, it is generating generations, it is developing generations. Near East is adding values to future of humanity. Near East is conceiving and creating not only for individuals but for its country.

The recent advances of our university, especially in music and art subjects, are followed with great care and appreciation by everyone. The Deep Purple concert that we are going to perform on 24 May 2014 is one of the most important events of this process. We did not arrange this music event just to make a great influence all over the world only for considering the enchantment of members of our university.

We dreamed a concert that will embrace all the island, entertain everyone together, and one that will give ultimate pleasure to people from every age and every nation. We set forth for a musical event that will be remembered for ages and we set forth for a special journey that will overcome all the barriers and the borders. Let’s bear in mind, Deep Purple is a common passion for the last couple of generations, and a common value. And, at this point, we would like to bring in a historical event that will be remembered for generations, a historical day that will be an unforgetable event in history of our island. As to emphasize this, we say “get your sleeping bag and come along”…

So, why rock music? Why Deep Purple? Because Rock is not only a music style, but a life style. Rock is such a music raising against the status quo, a rebellion against the established order. It is a life style beyond templates. Rock music is the reflection of freedom and honor, social understanding of life style of human beings in rhythm of notes. Rock music is such a pleasurable ritual based on life joy and freedom of human spirit.

Rock music is the admiral’s ship of music types affecting thoughts in minds. Rock music is the pioneer, and never ever left the leading role in process of cycle of changes. Rock music interpenetrated deep into the DNA of people from every country. It is an awakening, a power that lays the word “impossible” aside on shelves by the power of notes and guitar. The heroes of rock music created the heroes of nations with their guitars. It is such features that make the rock music a universal value.

Near East University, the university of firsts, is bringing in many firsts in various fields. Near East is sending a warm and hearty salute from the northern part of Cyprus to rest of the world through the voice and music of a historic rock band. As is also adopted in principles of our university, this historic event is a reflection of the fact that music is universal and knows no borders, and is an ultimate value of universe that cannot be used as a political instrument. The most important reason that we have chosen Deep Purple is the overlaps between the vision and principles of our university and of the implications of musical journey of this band lasted half-a- century.

For us, Deep Purple symbolizes the expression of several values through music.Deep Purple’s principle of holding its head high as is also reflected in its music style, and its solid approach to perform this music event in our country are overlapping with academic and social standing of the Near East University. I am sure that several moments and memoirs from our 25 years old journey will again revival in our eyes and minds while we are listening to their music.

We are hoping to send a hearty salute to rest of the world and unite with the songs of Deep Purple as one heart with our precious students who came from over 100 countries all over the world and turned our culture into a unique blend of cultures, and with our guests who will come from all parts of our island as well asfrom around the world to join us at that glamorous musical event.

Deep Purple is an important part of 25thUniversity. But it is not the only event to celebrate the success of a journey lasted 25 years so far. There are more, several world famous groups, bands and names will bring in culture, art, music and entertainment to our island. anniversary events of Near East

One of them is Peter Marvey, known as the best illusionist of the world at the moment. Peter Marvey, fascinating all the world with his shows, will be our guest within the scope of 25th Ballet, always performing full house, will meet our people by favour of Near East University. Moreover, various exhibitions, festivals, entertainments, sports activities, scientific activies, artistic and cultural events are being carried out as part of a great activity within the scope of 25thEast University. anniversary activities. Besides, the Moscow State, always performing full house, will meet our people by favour of Near East University. Moreover, various exhibitions, festivals, entertainments, sports activities, scientific activies, artistic and cultural events are being carried out as part of a great activity within the scope of 25th East University.

All these activities, well known names and bands are parts of our policies aiming to introduce our island to the rest of the world in the best possible way and to offer a better life of culture and art to everybody living on our island.

As Near East University, these are not our first concerts, first events. We have been arranging several organizations that required a solid infrastructure, for years. National and international events that are performed within the scope of anniversary of Near East University are going on. As you will appreciate, a 25th perfect planning and organization is a must in such big events. Nevertheless,we are contented and proud to have necessary infrastructure, and experiencedacademic and technical staff to organize every stage and perfectly perform such a great musical event.

However, if art is the matter of point, the most important thing is to do works that will be remembered permanently. In addition to the 25th are glad and proud to build a new social-cultural establishment. This is such a special project that will not only contribute much to our social and cultural lives and events, but also enlighten our future. Near East University is giving a cultural facility area as a present to our people, the Park Near East. Park Near East will be brought in service through the concert of Deep Purple. anniversary events, we

Park Near East, that we are going to open with this concert, can be regarded only as an “imagination” by many. However, as the Near East University, during the last 25 years, we have already set up a solid infrastructure for reconstructing a nation, an area and the world, and we are still working hard on this theme.

a nation, an area and the world, and we are still working hard on this theme. At this point, considering the solid infrastructure, potentials and abilities of our university, we regard this project as a project of prestige that can easily be conducted. For us, the Near Easterner is the one that turns dreams into realities.

As the Near East University, we will always continue to contribute to our island through big steps and projects. Because, becoming a Near Easterner means making the change by going beyond the ordinary. Becoming a Near Easterner means designing and building the future. Becoming a Near Easterner means creating opportunities, giving inspiration, moving together and achieving breakthrough written in history with golden letters.

We, as the Near East University, will continue to write the stories of future full of with beauties and achievements. Whoever wishes to walk to a rosy future with us, will proud us, will make us grateful.

Many thanks to everyone whoever listens to us, walks with us.

Ian Gillan's Letter

Dear Friends

There’s a bit of a hoo-ha going on about our forthcoming show in Cyprus, so here are some thoughts on the issue.

As it says in the Caramba disclaimer, my views are not necessarily those of the rest of the guys in Deep Purple. So, please take this as a personal opinion; IMHO as I used to say.

We – DP – have never been on one side or the other when it comes to performing music. I remember – during the cold war – hearing about visits to London by the Bolshoi Ballet and the top football teams from Moscow, also the Cossack dancers, and many other cultural exchanges between The West and The Soviet Union. The diplomatic and cultural side door was always open for art, entertainment and sport, no matter how frightening and confrontational all the rest of it was.

Amongst many of the countries we have visited in our peripatetic jaunts are Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, UK, China and Japan; all of which have a conflict with somebody or another, and all with behaviour and traditions that someone else doesn’t like.

And I love them all.

The underground contact in the Seventies between Soviet youth and Western music (forbidden by the authorities) has resulted in an enduring social bond and mutual respect that is a significant element in the game of survival and domination being played out before our eyes; it was ever thus.

The nearest I ever came to banning myself from performing in a country for political reasons was very close to home. And so I was involved, had a stance, took a side. Tony Blair’s illegal and murderous adventure in Iraq made me angry, and ashamed enough to think about excommunicating Britain; sounds silly but I was very angry. However, it went against our historical position, which is: To perform anywhere we are invited, regardless of local difficulties/conflict, wars, earthquakes, riots, typhoons, strikes, rebellions, gun-fire and so on. Therefore we continued to perform in the UK.

And so it should be with Cyprus, across the divide. And may I add that our many previous visits to Turkey and Greece have been fabulous; I personally have friends in both countries.

That is my position.

May peace be in your hearts,


Ian Gillan